Storytelling Programs

Author/Storyteller/Playwright Linda Goodman draws on her Appalachian Mountain roots to create a magic world where fantasy and ordinary heroes come together to both entertain and inspire. She also tells traditional tales using a wide array of voices to make characters come to life.

Linda Goodman Storyteller

Programs for Children K-5 and Family Audiences:

  • Memories  of a Former KidStories of childhood schemes and adventures, told with an Appalachian flair.

  • Anna Wiggins - Mill Girl – A story of life working in a mill in 1840, as seen through the eyes of a thirteen year old girl (For grades 3 – 5).

  • A Little Bit of Kindness Goes a Long, Long Way – Anti Bullying Program

  • Ordinary Heroes – Stories of everyday people who accomplish extraordinary things

  • Why, Where, Who, and How: Nature's Mysteries

  • Melting Pot: Tales from Around the World

  • Myths, Fairy Tales, and Legends

  • Tales of Mother Earth

  • Spine Tinglers – Scary and not-so-scary Halloween and campfire stories

  • The Squealing Pig and Other Tall Tales

  • Do Unto Others – Bible stories and modern-day stories with Biblical themes for children

  • Oz and Mo – The stories of L. Frank Baum

In addition to programs listed here, with advanced notice Linda is happy to customize programs that support your curriculum.

For High School through Adult Audiences:

  • Daughters of the Appalachians –  monologues by Appalachian mountain women, all of whom give glimpses of the struggles and joys of a way of life that is fast disappearing

  • Scenes from the Dim, Smoky Past – Stories, both poignant and humorous, of growing up as seen through the dim, smoky haze of the mind's eye

  • Separate but Not Equal – Stories of segregation and the civil rights movement, with an emphasis on racial harmony

  • Shattered Silence – Storytelling is a powerful medium for examining those dark places that we are reluctant to discuss. Linda presents non-graphic stories of domestic violence, based upon the experiences of three women who survived it. No matter how dark the journey, light awaits.
  • Rites of Passage – True stories of lessons learned and wisdom gained from life's mistakes and struggles

  • Whispers and Shadows – Eerie ghost lore set in the Southern Appalachians

  • Christmas Remembered – A combination of family stories and favorite seasonal tales

  • Storytelling for the Christian Soul – Stories from the Bible and modern-day stories with biblical themes

  • Men: the Good, the Bad, and the Lovely – Stories featuring men and the examples they set

  • Women: Wondrous, Wacky, and Wise – Tales of teachers, mothers, and heroines

  • Jobs – Stories of workplace experiences, both zany and bizarre. There is never a dull moment in the life of a working girl!


In addition to programs listed here, with advanced notice Linda is happy to customize programs that support your curriculum.