What Others Say

About Linda's Performances

"There are personal stories and there are Linda Goodman's personal stories - well crafted, engagingly told, and memorable."
--Judy Peterson, Artistic Director, 2015 Connecticut Storytelling Festival

"Thank you for coming to our school. You have the best stories ever in the whole wide world."
--Maya, Room 9 Kindergarten, Holland Elementary School, Virginia Beach

"I have nothing but praise for the storytelling abilities of Linda Goodman. People believe being "teleported" is an idea from Science Fiction, but every time Linda tells a tale her listeners are teleported to the wonderful avenues of her memory, imagination and creativity. Her stories are well crafted blessings that stay with you long after they are heard."
--Anthony Burcher, Outreach Instruction for the Jamestown/Yorktown (VA) Foundation; Professional Storyteller

"I just finished reading Pearl in the Summer/Fall issue of Storytelling World....It is a powerful story and I wanted to thank you for sharing it."
--Carol Huebner, Producer, The Story Tree

"You have captured the dialect, the intonations, the unique expressions, and the imagery of the colloquial speech and culture unique to this section of Appalachia, but also connect with emotions and characters that are universal. It is a rare talent that can accomplish both."
--Rev. Ashley M. Calhoun, Appalachia, VA

"On a rating from 1 to 10, I give you a 10."
--Ryan Mancini, 6th grader at Hale School, Stow, MA

"We have many excellent storytellers coming to my institutes, but it seems quite apparent that you are the highlight. You are the storyteller that sweeps listeners off their feet. You strike a chord in every listener's heart."
--Gwendolyn Nowlan, Artistic Director, Storytelling Institute, S. Connecticut State University

"She sang about Sody Sallyraytus, imitated a bear sticking his derriere into ice water, and told a somewhat different version of Jack and the Beanstalk....all to the delight of her young audience."
--Karen Nugent, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"I received many compliments on your performance, and was thrilled to see that the children who attended were so entranced by your tales."
--Maria Lockheardt, Director of Member Services, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

"I felt strongly that we could offer no better service than to bring you to the Twin Cities."
--Bob Walling, President, Open U, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

"More than just a writer and teller of tales, Goodman has the uncanny ability to become her characters. A vengeful girl, a bigoted father, a store owner who nightly gave milk to a haint (ghost) -- Goodman showed us all these people by changing her voice and body laguage."
--Beth Surdut, The Harvard Spirit

About Linda's Workshops:

"Linda, you are THE BOMB! Your whole class thinks so, too! Thank you so very much for your wisdom and creativity--and especially for sharing it with our JRD speakers!"
--Norma Townsley, Lay Leader of the United Methodist Church James River District (VA)

"Linda Goodman's workshop was the best storytelling workshop that I have attended. Her material and presentation was healing and uplifting, and I learned new techniques that I can use in the classroom."
--Danielle Daniel, actress/storyteller/playwright, Saint Paul, Minnesota

"The exercises Linda offered were perfect for developing our skills. Her sharing of her own stories gave us a wonderful example to aspire to. Linda Goodman is a treasure!"
--Richard Schooley, Minneapolis, MN

"The storytelling workshop you led at Richer School was well received by both students and teachers."
--Melanie Gathers, Cultural Art Series Coordinator, Richer School, Marlborough, MA

"You were terrific! Everyone loved your session."
--Phyllis Trincia, Northborough/Southborough Regional School District, Teacher's Workshop